Work work work!

This is a website I’ve been working on for a friend:


I’m insanely happy with it, and I hope she is too (I’m still waiting for feedback). I started with the Florance theme by Jinsona Designs, mostly for the rounded corners, which I hate creating myself. I had to hack the rest of it quite a bit, but I kept the slideshow (so far) and the boxy style on the post meta info (comments, tags, etc.). Of course, the hacking was the fun part.

I’m not terribly good at fading with Photoshop, so if the screen is too wide, you can see the outside edge on the left side of the background image. I’ve gotta hit up my designer friends to see if anyone can help me fix that. I think that’s the only thing I don’t like, though. The colors ended up coming together really well, which isn’t usually the case when I make a stab at designing (not really my forte).

Adding features

Things are mellow at work, so I’m working on my WordPress skills by adding a searchable database of all my dvds to my site. Once all the info is in, I’ll create a template for viewing them, and add them to the nav.

It’s a small thing, and it’s mostly for my own use, but I’m looking forward to being able to search my disks by actor, director, writer, and/or year of release!

Do I even know what I’m talking about?

Last week I was in Houston for a conference, where I taught a workshop/tutorial on how to create a WordPress blog, and presented at another workshop on how to attract an audience to your blog.

The first one was a piece of cake–I could create a dozen WordPress blogs in an hour, and be watching TV while I’m doing it. Part of me felt like a big fake for the second one, though–I have few if any followers on any of my blogs. I’m ok with that, since it’s not my job to get readers (I just like to ‘talk’), but if I needed to, I know how it’s done. I’ve been swimming in the social media pool since before it was ever called social media. I know what attracts readers, and what keeps them, because I’ve been sucked into blogs, websites and posting boards….and I’ve left them. I’ve been anonymous, and I’ve had followers–I’ve even given an autograph or two in my lifetime.

I didn’t say any of that at the workshop, I just let them all assume I knew what I was talking about, because in actuality, I do. I’ve just never put it to the test.

Also in Houston, I saw bats. A quarter million of them. It was pretty awesome.

New blog

I’ve been working on a new project at work, and it’s making me crazy. I’m working with a team (of two) to create a Flash application using the Google Map API for a multitouch table. Not many people seem to be developing for this specific platform, and I can’t find much help online in the various Flash forums, so I created a new blog ( where I can document what I’m doing and the issues that I’m having, with the hope that maybe someone else is out there having similar issues, or better yet, someone who has already solved my issues.

If you’re interested in Flash AS3, Google maps, and multi-touch gesture events, drop on by! I could use all the help I can get!