Blanket's finished, purse sadly not

I finished the blanket yesterday–my first crocheted project!  As you can see, it doesn’t lie quite as flat as it should; I had difficulty figuring out how many stitches to pick up along the edges, so it’s….oddly shaped, I guess.  Hopefully washing it will even it out a little, but if not, I’m not too […]


As of today’s lunch hour, this is how far I’ve gotten with the crochet blanket, started Saturday, February 24th.  Sadly, the white isn’t pure white, but a baby yarn that includes blends of pink and blue separated by stretches of white; otherwise it would be a pretty close approximation of the colors of the Irish flag.  […]


I’ve added a link to my set of knitting-related pictures on Flickr, under the new header “Links” over in the sidebar.  The set is missing a few things–the scarf and cigarette cozy I made for Allyson, the felted purse I made for my sister, and probably others I’ve forgotten to photograph before giving them away.  […]