Biker babe

I did it–I bought a bike! Last Saturday, after my WW meeting, I headed over to my friend Lori’s to test ride her bikes. Then we decided to go to REI to test ride more bikes, and of course I fell in love with this one. So now I’m a biker, complete with all the […]

Off the yarn wagon….again

So last week, as I had mentioned, I went yarn shopping at Stitches from the Heart, and as we all knew would happen, I bought more than I’d planned. That’ll teach me to carry my vacation credit card with me when I’m no longer on vacation! First it took me forever to decide on a […]

Off-topic rambles, with a hint of yarnspeak

I haven’t really done much since the slouchy hats. Having finished the second hat, it’s still waiting to be blocked, and I haven’t picked up the sparkly market shawl all week, mostly because I left it at my least favorite point–having to work in another color. I HATE switching yarns/colors, because inevitably the edge looks […]