Pimp My Balcony! Please?

My balcony is a woefully neglected place. I love it, but I live three blocks from the construction nightmare that is the 405 freeway, so keeping up with the dirt and dust is a full-time job that is usually too much for me to deal with.

However, this past Saturday was a gorgeous day that demanded to be enjoyed, so I pulled out the vacuum cleaner (after a failed attempt at sweeping) and tackled the thick layers of ick. Of course, the job was still pretty big, so I skimped a bit in the corners, but I took care of the area around the bistro table set, including the bistro table set, and even wiped down the poor gas grill that used to have a cover until it blew away in a windstorm about a year ago. As much as I hate cleaning, there’s something really satisfying when you see a black area turn light gray with just a swipe of the vacuum brush. It’s a shame it’s such a bitch on the back muscles.

But I got the important stuff done, and I rewarded myself with lunch on the balcony, and kitties on the balcony, and web surfing on the balcony, and even just staring at the clouds from the balcony. It was a great afternoon appreciating the glorious day, and I didn’t even care that the kitties of course crawled around the dirty corners that I couldn’t be bothered with.

Jack checking things out
Jack checking things out

Zeva enjoying the view across the street
Zeva enjoying the view across the street

I look forward to more spring days spent thusly, but the balcony could definitely use some beautifying, and not just in the more-cleaning kind of way. My wishlist includes sparkly lights, and pvc pipes for curtains, and maybe even something on the floor more comfy than cement. I’d love to add plants, but I know I’d just kill them. I wish there was room for a comfy chaise. And the extra microwave cart in the corner definitely has to go.

Just more things on the to do list that will never get done.

The upside of spam

For some reason this blog is getting tons more spam comments than my knitting blog. On the bright side, though, it reminds me that hey, I need to post here more often!

Right now I’m sitting on my couch, basking in the sun streaming from the window, listening to the soft breathing of Zeva sleeping next to me, and trying to motivate myself to dry my hair. I have to leave soon to meet my tax accountant, and I’m terribly nervous about it. Claris, she who referred me, assures me he is a magic man who is well worth the $300, but what if I’m a special case that he can’t help and I end up shelling out the $300 PLUS a gazillion extra tax dollars? What if all the prep work I did for the past two weeks was all wrong and he has to start from scratch? What if…. What if…. Yeah, I’m a master at the what if.


ION, from my position on the couch I can see the blanket and three scarves that I need to photograph and blog about, so y’all can see that I haven’t been just lazy lately. Soon, my pretties, soon….