There is nothing cohesive about this post.

I think I’m becoming addicted to my stats.  Ever since NaBloPoMo started–heck, even before that!–I’ve had no zero-hit days.  That’s kinda nice, knowing that someone out there is reading my ramblings.  (And also sobering–more pressure not to say something stupid!) I finished purse #4 yesterday–the knitting, that is, not the seaming or felting. It’s super-cute, […]

Sparkly blues, autumn-y reds and browns, festive reds and whites!

Last night I finished knitting the first balloon bag (the sparkly blue one). Woot!  I still need to stitch the strap to the bag, and of course do the felting part, but woot! It’s a great start to my belated holiday knitting! Now it’s Sunday afternoon, and I started the second bag–this one in brick […]

Ravelry, granny squares, and a little ghost

I’m becoming a bit obsessed with Ravelry.  This weekend I spent hours photographing yarn and entering their stats into my stash database–and still didn’t get to all of it! There’s so much yarn I forgot I had, or forgot the colors, or how much of it there was (30 balls of angora that I totally forgot […]