On Tuesday I saw a deer pooping in the woods. It was squatting, and it made me wonder why some four-legged animals squat while pooping, and why others just poop standing up, like they don’t even know what’s going on with their ass-end. (I’m looking at you, horses and elephants!) Do they perhaps not have nerve endings back there to tell them something is being ejected from their body? Do they seriously just not care that smelly feces are dropping from their butts and possibly leaving stuff behind on their legs in the process? Inquiring minds need to know, dammit!

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Karaoke awesomeness!

On Saturday I did karaoke with a bunch of coworkers to celebrate three Virgo birthdays (including mine!). We went to Soop Sok in Koreatown and had a blast! Six of us spent the night singing to our hearts’ content (rented room means no need to share the mic with strangers!) while Scott and Jane sat in the back, watching (and occasionally fetching drinks). I hit up Michael’s earlier that day and bought plenty of props to make sure everyone stayed entertained all night, no matter how good or bad anyone sang. I also had my first Jaeger shot. (<–Kathie’s fault)

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100 Words

How many words is 100 words? Is it easy to write that many, or is it agonizing, like a three-page, double-spaced essay from my bygone college days? Well, I’m at 31 now, and while not essay painful, it’s still looking to be a few words more than I’d hoped. Paragraph length, at least.

Why I’m wondering is because I’m thinking of challenging myself to 100 words a day on my blog. This poor thing has been dry for too long, and I love my blog–it’s pretty and useful and holds all my stuff. I should be using the damned thing.

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