Yo to the Saturday morning

I’ve been extremely lax in the updating lately, for which I’m very sorry. Life has been kicking my ass, and I just haven’t been motivated to write about it. This is particularly sad, as I had a great weekend last week for the annual Buffy/Angel party/reunion, but as it was coupled with the very expensive disabling of my car, I’ve been avoiding thinking about even that. But soon, I promise to fill you all in on:

  • my car.
  • the party.
  • my new job which caused me to go without food or water for 24 hours and still live to tell the tale!
  • the lack of water pressure in my shower, which now resembles Chinese water torture.

Until then, I have a kickboxing class waiting for me. Ta!

Yo to the Friday

So in the grand scheme of things, this week was worse than last week, but not nearly as bad as the week before. Is that progress?

I’ve found some things missing from the site that didn’t make it to the restoration. I’ll try to get to that this weekend, as well as possibly posting the pictures from Christmas. I suck, I know, but after the month I’ve had at work, the last thing I’ve wanted to do is more web stuff when I get home. I’ll attempt to do better, though, I promise.

The bad news for this week was finding out that one of my best friends is moving back east. I have many thoughts on this, but really, no time to put them down. Again, maybe this weekend. The good news for this week would be that Mom and the sis have booked their flights for their annual spring visit, woo! Can’t wait to introduce them to Quiz Night. *g*

My weekend is going to be rather tame. Today we have a party to attend up at the Museum, and tonight I get to go see George Sarah finally. Tomorrow is kickboxing, Sunday is the delegate caucus, and then Monday I get to partake in the joyous wonder of California’s jury system. Woo. Eh, whatever. As long as I don’t land on a jury that will interfere with my vacation time in two weeks, I’m ok with it. Civic duty and all.

Also this weekend, John is performing at the Ontario Improv. I’d go, but alas, I’m still in the post-Christmas financial freakout. I’ll get another chance in March, when he’ll be at the Brea Improv, but damn it would’ve been nice to see him this weekend, if only ’cause I could sure use the laugh. I still find it weird that we live in the same city, just a couple of miles apart, and we never see each other outside of comedy clubs (and then, only twice in three years). Families are odd, yo.

For those of the geeky persuasion, go forth and mock. Or, ya know, cringe in recognition.

Quiz Night? It must be Tuesday!

Yay Patriots! Aaaand, that’s all I got. For the Superbowl, anyway. Oddly enough, I was so 100% certain that the Pats would win, that the game lost all its competitive edge for me. I found myself bored, even when it was tied with two minutes left in the game—I knew they could pull it out without having to go to overtime. I can’t recall ever having that kind of faith in anything else in my life, it was kinda weird. And dull. Uncertainty is way more entertaining.

I feel like I should say something about the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake controversy, but really, the incident barely caused a blip on my radar, and the fact that it’s now a media circus just further illustrates how far out of whack our country’s priorities have gotten. Show me a media circus over 527 dead Americans in Iraq, and then maybe we can talk.

I started a new scarf last night, and I’m already regretting the yarn choice. I wanted something fuzzy, but I think I got something more suited for a baby blanket than a scarf. Doesn’t matter, though, I’m still going forward with it. I’ll be in the learning phase for awhile yet, so the first few projects are just an exercise anyway, and who cares if I make a supersoft scarf in baby blue and white? I’m sure I’ll find someone willing to wear it. And it’s letting me practice the purl stitch while covering up any mistakes I make, which is good, ’cause so far my purl stitch is looser than something really loose.

Some quickie movie reviews while I’m here:
Old School – UGH UGH UGH
Legally Blonde 2 – *yawn*
What a Girl Likes – surprisingly entertaining, made me giggle out loud more than once
Down With Love – all my thumbs and toes up on this one, go buy it!
Tomb Raider 2 – *yawn* *yawn*
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – not nearly as bad as I’d heard, or maybe I just had really low expectations, but I didn’t hate it and it kept me mildly entertained

These reviews are brought to you by Netflix. 😀

And if anyone happens to be in the mood to buy me a present, go here. Either light pink or blue will be fine. 😀

Happy Day Before the Superbowl

It’s official, the evil webhost went out of business, and rather than letting his clients know, he just pulled the plug on the server(s). Blog archives are permanently gone. May he be plagued by toads in his shoes for the rest of his life.

In other news, I have a new obsession, and its name is knitting. Weird, I know. I’m so not the knitting type. But I decided to try it out because so many of my friends knit, and apparently it’s the big thing here in L.A. And once I tried it, I found that it’s amazingly relaxing. No wonder so many people are doing it again! It forces me to focus on the repetitiveness of the stitch until everything else drops away, and then, as my hands become accustomed to the motions and no longer need my full attention, my mind is free to float through whatever issues have been pestering me, without the bother of them overwhelming me. It’s great! And I already finished my first scarf, which took me just under two weeks. Today I went yarn shopping, and I’m just giddy at the many things I can now make anytime I want. Granted, it’ll probably just be scarf upon scarf until I master all the techniques, but it’s still pretty cool turning string into something you can wear.

I have so many pictures I need to put up – from Christmas, and the days all around it, and others I can’t even remember right now. I’m just so tired of this damned computer though. I promise not to forget entirely, but it might be a little while before I get them all up. I will do my best to get them up before February 21st, mostly because I’ll have a whole mess of new pictures to put up after that weekend, and the last thing I want is to be looking at 400+ pictures to be editing all at the same time. Yeah, I’m just babbling now, but I feel the need to make up for the lack of posts for the past month by filling this one up with whatever nonsense I can come up with. For instance, did you know Dido’s last name is Armstrong? Yeah, me neither before last week.

Ok, enough drivel. I have a couple of dvds waiting for me, thanks to the wonder of Netflix. 😀