It looks like I love journaling, but really, I love colorful pens

A week and a half in, and I’m still using my bullet journal every day. I think I just really like using my colored pens (so much, in fact, that I bought even more pretty pens (Staedtler Color Pen Set of 36 Assorted Colors), that just arrived ten minutes ago).

For my first week, I tried setting up my dailies in advance, three days per page. That totally didn’t work, when my Tuesday went out of control and I ran out of space for all the stuff happening that day.

This week, I started with a weekly summary on one page, to show the main things I had to remember for the coming week, and my dailies I’m doing per day, so I have the space I need, or can move stuff up when a day (like yesterday) is actually pretty non-eventful. I also have a post-it for the main items I need to keep in mind for next week (like WonderCon), and one for the main items for next month (like taxes and the L.A. Yarn Crawl).

Page lives on last page of journal.

Also, I’m a bit OCD and couldn’t bear the thought of mixing notes and lists with my dailies, weeklies and monthlies, so I put all the non-linear stuff–lists, trackers, notes, etc.–in the back of the notebook, with negative page numbers. So far it’s working out quite well.

Lives on page -10, starting from the back of the journal. Contains my notes on each Blue Apron meal I’ve cooked this week (my first week).

And I keep googling “things to track” and reading other people’s ideas for lists and such, because, as I said before, I like using my pens and want more reasons to write with them. I have a “list of things I could be tracking”, a phone log, daily habit tracker, weight loss and steps/day trackers, list of reasons why I want to lose weight, where I’m spending money and when, etc. I’ve always loved notebooks and have a ton of them, but I’ve always had trouble actually filling them with anything. This time I’m determined to fill every page until my chronological stuff and my non-linear stuff eventually meet somewhere in the middle. In fact, I think I’ll write them down as my goal for 2017.

Bullet Journal, take two

I started a new bullet journal this weekend. I’d taken a stab at bullet-journal-ing a couple of years ago, and even managed to maintain it for a couple of months, but couldn’t keep up with it on a daily basis. Since then, I’ve still used its methods whenever I make up a task list, but I haven’t been taking full advantage of all it has to offer, so yesterday I spent a couple of hours setting up a new one, all official-like.

What is a bullet journal? Have you been living under a rock? It’s a notebook specifically organized to help you maximize your time and help you identify what’s important, and what isn’t. There’s a lovely intro video on that can explain it better than I can. And if you’re really brave, you can search for bullet journals on Pinterest, and see all the amazing, creative layouts people have devised (and that I will never achieve myself, fo shizzle).

So far, I have my index, birthday and other annual events in there, plus my monthly reminders and goals for March, and the first week of daily task lists. Looking at all the potential pages on Pinterest, I’m thinking of a Weight Watchers page (tracking weight, days I tracked food, and days I exercised (which so far is none)), project pages for knitting projects, and project pages for work projects. And maybe a page to track how often I blog (ha!). I think it’s supposed to be motivational as well as organizational, we’ll see if it works. The pages of this notebook are thicker and more substantial than the last notebook I’d worked with, so I think that will help. And I’m going to try to keep the book on me, so I don’t forget to put things in it. Maybe I’ll even create a page to track the days I use my bullet journal.

It’s possible this was all just an excuse to use my pretty new pens, but I’m hoping to keep up with this, and I’m hoping it will help keep me from feeling so overwhelmed. *fingers crossed*

Happy New Year?

So, Trump is President. My weight is pretty up there right now. I’ve been working weekends on a project that launches in 14 days, 22 hours. (I have a countdown clock on my desktop.) I’m feeling exhausted, beat down, discouraged. I’m hoping once this project is over, I can get back to caring about eating right, exercising, taking action against the current regime besides just reposting articles on Facebook, etc. But right now, I just want to bury my head in work and TV.

I wouldn’t even be posting this depressing update, but once I notice that I haven’t posted in almost a year, it’s like a compulsion to keep it from actually being a year. Here, have a fluffy kitty pic, maybe that’ll help.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

My "I'm Irish!" socks
My “I’m Irish!” socks

I could not find my leprechaun socks this morning, they must be in the wash, so I had to settle for my “I’m Irish” socks. They’re ok, just not as cool as the leprechauns.

My automotively adventurous(?) weekend

Technically the Weasley car, but, could've been my car on the 101 last Thursday.
Technically the Weasley car, but, could’ve been my car on the 101 last Thursday.

So last Thursday, my brakes went *poof* on me, while I was on the 101. I pressed the brake pedal to the floor, but no response. Yay? Thank Hyundai for hand brakes! Using what I’m guessing was only ever supposed to be used as a parking brake, I made it off the freeway, up the hill to Universal, and into a parking space in the Jurassic garage. (There was no way I was going to let a little brake failure keep me from Harry Potter preview night!)

Me, in line for the Castle Ride at Wizarding World
Me, in line for the Castle Ride at Wizarding World

After my totally awesome evening at Wizarding World in Universal Park, I got back to my car and found the brakes were working again, so I drove to my mechanic in Hollywood (with my hand on the hand-brake the whole time) and left my poor broken car while I took a $40 taxi ride home.

Friday, Miss Emily kindly drove me through the rain back to Hollywood. I hung around until they finished working on it, playing with their adorable garage kitty, Tiger Tail, then left for home at 6pm, into the heart of rush hour. It wasn’t long before I noticed that the car SQUEALED IN PAIN every time I stepped on the gas, and that the temperature gauge was spiking every time the car was in motion. ALL VERY WRONG. So I took the car back on Saturday.

Tiger Tail was a big fan of my yarn. I even got a leg-full of claws at one point. (Totally my own fault, of course.)
Tiger Tail was a big fan of my yarn. I even got a leg-full of claws at one point. (Totally my own fault, of course.)

An hour later they told me it was the water pump, which would take five hours, which meant they couldn’t work on it until Monday. Oh yay, a weekend with no car.

Miss Jane came from Glendale to pick me up and drop me in West L.A., after which she returned home. Seriously, she should be nominated for sainthood!

And then I had no car for the rest of Saturday.

Or Sunday.

Monday morning, Miss Ahree picked me up to drive me to work, where I stayed until 3:45, when Miss Molly drove me to Hollywood on her way home. (Saints, all of them!) I’d called the garage earlier to check on the car, and they said it should be ready by 6pm.


It wasn’t.

After replacing the water pump, the temp gauge was still spiking and they didn’t know why. ARGH! I was starting to run out of people to call for rides, so I got myself a shiny rental instead. It’s a shiny blue 2015 Hyundai Accent, and it’s adorable, although I can’t see the hood, like, at all, which is less good. And the brakes are either on or off, no in-between, so I’ve been throwing myself against my seat belt a lot. But, CAR! YAY CAR!

My shiny blue rental. She's so purty!
My shiny blue rental. She’s so purty!

So of course this morning the garage called to say it was all fixed–the thermometer they’d replaced on Friday had been defective. Well, tough cookies, garage, I got this rental for two days and I’m going to drive her for two days, so there! Also I’m swamped, and the only reason I took time out to write this post was to test the excerpt field and the featured image, and to see if they appear in the subscribed email. 😀

Anyway, that was my Adventures in Car-Owning for this week. Hopefully for the year, too.

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