Wine and Canvas FTW!

I’m a huge fan of Wine and Canvas. It’s a three hour class where you can order food and drink while an artist walks you through a really cool painting from start to finish. They provide the paints, brushes and canvas, you just bring an open mind and a sense of fun. I’ve been to four of their classes since, I dunno, June? And I’ve loved it so much that I’ve been painting my own stuff at my kitchen table. Seriously, it’s a great way to spend an evening, and at $35 a class, it’s a bargain, but today Living Social has class coupons available for only $17! I’ve already bought two for myself. Check it out and take a chance on a great new hobby! (Here’s the calendar for January in Los Angeles, see if there’s anything you’d like to paint.)

Results from three of my four classes:

Happy birthday, Kerry!

Today is my cousin Kerry’s birthday, so, happy birthday, chica! Enjoy your year of enlightenment!

My 16-month-old nephew loves his two kitties. He knows how to call them “kitty”, but he more frequently calls them “meow!” Gabby tends to avoid him as much as possible, unless he’s eating, but Greta doesn’t mind risking the occasional face-plant or tail-grab in exchange for pets and hugs from the littlest tornado. Here they are hanging out under the tree together.

Riley and Greta
Riley and Greta

Loving the new apartment

Everything is unpacked, and has been since Memorial Day. Got rid of stuff thanks to Craigslist and my friends who didn’t mind taking in some of my old books and childhood Barbies. My new couch arrived, and the kitties and I have been breaking it in. Kristen helped me assemble the beautiful Ikea standing closets pictured above. I’ve been spending my evenings knitting and crocheting instead of wondering what else needs to be done. It’s pretty awesome.

Today my new bistro set arrived and is now packed in my car, ready to be taken home, assembled and placed lovingly on my balcony. My new gas grill has been ordered and will arrive on Tuesday. By this time next week, my balcony will be pimped out for summertime.

It’s all good.

*knock on wood*