Following in the footsteps of Merida, Katniss, Oliver Queen and Hawkeye–or at least trying to

My three day weekends are often filled with a lot of TV, napping, ‘net surfing, and generally sitting around. And yes, while this weekend wasn’t too different, it did have a few bright points, particularly Friday, ’cause this time, Friday was all about the FLYING FATALITY CLASS! (aka archery lesson) Jane and I had a […]

Painting did happen, just….not well

I painted. There was painting. I think it was a crime against all paintings, but yes, I did paint. I sat at my easel, with my sketched canvas, and decided I needed to loosen up first, so I got a blank canvas, chose four colors I hadn’t used yet, and just started slapping it on […]

Improving my 8-ball game

Totally spaced on posting yesterday, sorry about that. League was last night–another two-win night, not that great. Talking to Delayne made me realize I’ve been ignoring a valuable tool for learning more–YouTube. I’ve been reading a lot, and asking questions from the better players in the league, but really, how could I forget about the […]