Ravelry? Oh yeah, I remember Ravelry!

I just added my first project to Ravelry since forever–the lime green and tangerine Fun Fur scarf that I should be finishing sometime tonight. (No pics yet.) It’s my first knitted project since I don’t even know when; I’ve been mainlining the crochet lately (although not nearly as obsessively as before the tendonitis incident, sadly). […]


Well shoot, I missed my own anniversary! My first post to this blog was made on March 1, 2007, although the first real content wasn’t posted until the 2nd. Belated happy anniversary to myself! Yay for one year! ETA: Ha! Apparently this gratuitous, self-congratulatory post is also my 100th post! Yay for 100 posts! ;-D

Posting a finished hat through Flickr's "Blog This"!

Todd wearing his new hat Originally uploaded by BronzePolgara I configured my Flickr today to post directly to my knitting blog, so this is me, testing it out. Sadly, you can’t choose tags/categories in this window, so I’ll still have to sign in to edit a little, but I think I might post more often […]