Damn, that’s a long time to go without an update!

As you can see, I did not end up moving the site, as I threatened in my last post oh so many months ago. It really does need to get updated, though, preferably to WordPress. Greymatter just doesn’t do what I want.

Today I added a new widget to the right, which shows my latest Twitter update. At least this blog will look *somewhat* updated with that there, right? Or maybe y’all will just realize what a freak I really am. 🙂


I’m so sick of not being able to delete posts. Grrrr! I so have to ditch the Greymatter. Maybe this weekend…


I had PT yesterday, originally for a knee tune-up, but I asked him to have a look at my elbow, which had been feeling progressively worse over the past few weeks, and next thing I know, my knee is the least of my problems. Seems I have tendonitis/tennis-elbow, and not a slight case, either. On the bright side, today I can barely feel the effects of the tendonitis, but unfortunately that’s because the treatment was so intensive, all I can feel is the aftereffects of the beating my arm and wrist took. My skin is actually sore to the touch, like a burn. 🙁 Stupid elbow.

The pain is physically exhausting, so I think I’ll head home and crash on the couch. Yay?